Guest blog post: How cost-benefit analysis helps Alaska get smarter on crime

by , November 7, 2013
Teri Carns

Teri White Carns

Teri White Carns is a senior staff associate with the Alaska Judicial Council, where she has worked since 1974, directing many of its research projects. The council staffs Alaska’s Criminal Justice Working Group, a state-level commissioners and directors group that focuses on collaborating to guide policy and resolve interbranch problems.


Guest blog post: The costs and consequences of more policing

by , February 22, 2011

Mark Bergstrom is the executive director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing. He is also an adviser to the Cost-Benefit Analysis Unit at the Vera Institute of Justice. Parts of this guest post were originally published in the February 2011 issue of Criminology and Public Policy.

In a recent paper in Criminology and Public Policy, Steven Durlauf and Daniel Nagin ask whether both imprisonment and crime can be reduced.