Cost-Benefit Analysis and Public Safety Technology: A Roundtable Discussion

by , October 20, 2014
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New public safety technologies (PSTs) have the potential to make law enforcement more effective, whether it is an automated reporting system, protective gear for officers, a crime analysis program, or body cameras to record interactions between police and civilians. But these technologies are constantly evolving and each year brings a new set of options for decision makers.


New on Vera’s blog: “Corrections reform: a viable option for budget savings”

by , August 1, 2012

Christian Henrichson, a senior policy analyst with the Vera Institute of Justice’s Cost-Benefit Analysis Unit, writes about the recent State Budget Crisis Task Force report, fiscal planning, and prison costs—and how they are interrelated. You can read his new post on Vera’s blog.

We welcome your questions and comments about cost-benefit analysis and justice policy.


March focus: Misperceptions about cost-benefit analysis

by , March 14, 2012

This month we’ll feature a series of blog posts addressing misperceptions about cost-benefit analysis (CBA). On the blog, in the CBA toolkit, and in other materials, we’ve written about some concepts that frequently confuse people or are commonly misunderstood, such as: