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CBKB has compiled more than 500 cost-benefit studies, articles, and papers that evaluate criminal justice functions, such as corrections and law enforcement, specific justice initiatives, and programs that target ex-offenders. Most of these reports were published in peer-reviewed journals. Others were issued by research institutions or government agencies. Two-thirds of these reports have been published in the past 10 years. Inclusion of these reports in the database is not an endorsement of their findings. We update the database regularly as new cost-benefit studies are published.

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Reference Topics

We have also organized these references by subject.

Viewing Articles

CBKB uses a searchable online database called RefShare. Access the full database by clicking on the link above, or access collections of materials grouped by topic via the links to the left.

Once you click on a link, you will be taken to a separate RefShare page. You can search RefShare by author, keyword, periodical, or year to find a resource, or scroll down the page to locate a document by author.

To view information about an article, click “View” on the right-hand side of the reference. You’ll see a hyperlink at the bottom of the entry if the full text of the article or an abstract is available online.

Hyperlinked citations provide access to the full text of publicly available materials.

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