10 cost-benefit analysis resources for journalists

By , November 6, 2013

Note: In April 2014 we published the white paper Using Cost-Benefit Analysis for Justice Policymaking. It is intended for a diverse audience, including journalists; elected officials and their staff; policymakers; people who work in adult or juvenile justice systems; and service providers.

When you’re reporting or writing about a cost-benefit study, it’s your job to extract the most important findings and decipher them for your audience, a group that’s probably not made up of analysts and economists. To the extent possible, you’ll also want to assess the quality of the research. The following materials can help you get a grip on basic cost-benefit concepts, as well as figure out what to look for in a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and what to investigate further. Because CBKB’s work focuses on criminal justice, most of these resources use examples from U.S. law enforcement, corrections, and courts:

Any suggestions? What resources do you rely on when you’re writing about a cost-benefit study? Leave a comment below or contact us via TwitterFacebook, or by e-mailing us at cbkb@cbkb.org.

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