Ten tools for understanding and performing cost-benefit analysis

By , January 22, 2013

We recently published the 9th and 10th parts of our online CBA toolkit: the Time Horizons tool and the Monetizing Benefits tool. The core set of 10 tools focuses on the foundational elements of a cost-benefit study. We encourage you to look at the main toolkit page on our website, as well as any of the tools you haven’t read. Later this year we’ll expand on the toolkit and make it available for download, along with a downloadable file for each tool. As always, we’d like to hear what you think—and what other resources would be useful in your work.

We welcome your questions and comments about the toolkit or anything else related to cost-benefit analysis and criminal justice. Contact us via TwitterFacebook, or by e-mailing us at cbkb@cbkb.org.

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