Reminder: Dec. 3 deadline for SAAs to apply for technical assistance to build CBA capacity

By , November 14, 2012

State administering agencies (SAAs) have until 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, Dec. 3, to apply for technical assistance from the Cost-Benefit Knowledge Bank for Criminal Justice (CBKB). With funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, CBKB—a project of the Vera Institute of Justice—will help as many as four SAAs build their capacity to use cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in criminal justice policymaking and planning.

Vera’s technical assistance will aim to build the capacity of SAAs to: (1) apply CBA techniques and results to justice planning and policy making, and (2) conduct credible cost-benefit studies and other economic assessments. CBA capacity building requires the development of infrastructure, human resources, and processes.

Vera will provide technical assistance from January 2013 through July 2013. Each SAA team will receive up to three on-site visits from staff of Vera’s Cost-Benefit Analysis Unit, along with ongoing support via online trainings, phone calls, and customized materials, and one multisite meeting to foster peer-to-peer learning across sites.

Successful capacity building would result in an SAA being more able and willing to weigh policies and programs using CBA information. Ideally, SAAs would also include CBA as an important factor in a better-informed and sustained process of decision making.

Eligible applicants under this initiative are limited to SAAs that have a demonstrated commitment to developing CBA capacity. For more details and to apply, please download and review the application instructions.

Please note: This application is for technical assistance only. No direct funding will be provided to sites selected to receive technical assistance.

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