Watch CBKB’s webinar on how to read a cost-benefit report

By , April 26, 2012

Thanks to everyone who attended our latest webinar, “Making Sense of the Bottom Line: A Guide to Reading Cost-Benefit Reports.” The turnout was great: 180 people participated in the live webinar on April 24. You can watch the recorded webinar and view the PowerPoint slides below.

Many thanks to Gary VanLandingham, director of the Pew Center on the States’ Results First initiative, for his time and expertise in presenting the webinar with our staff.

The webinar was designed as a guide to help people extract the most important information from cost-benefit analysis (CBA) reports. For more information on the fundamentals of cost-benefit analysis, go to our CBA Basics page, which includes a glossary of commonly used terms.

If you have any questions or comments about material covered in the webinar or suggestions for future webinars, please let us know.

Webinar materials


Please note: The link above leads to YouTube. If you don’t have access to YouTube or if you have any trouble viewing a webinar, please e-mail us at


See the PowerPoint slides below or view them larger.

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